Tundra: The Best Pup

*This is a Poem for the user Tundrathesnowpup (Morgan). I am giving you this poem for your Birthday. I hope you like it. Thank you for being such a great friend* - From BluePupBuddy.

Tundra: The Best Pup

Tundra, you are special.

You are kind, helpful, and supportive.

Your generosity is high as a mountain

And every pup you help thanks you with a smile.

Your rescues are always appreciated and helps everyone out.

Your gentle personality is like the snow on a pleasant winter's night.

You are fun to be around, and are willing to spread some cheer,

Your adventures and stories are like music to our ears.

You fell in love with Rocky, and became more than friends,

You had a family with Rocky and a future that never ends.

You have given the pups a friend, and you never gave up,

That is why Tundra, you are the best pup.