Chapter 2: A Special Delivery

"Boris! Boris, I need to ask you something," Balto said just as he arrived at the abandoned boat that he called home.

"Yes, Balto? What is it?" Boris the Russian goose asked.

"Have you ever heard of a dog team called the PAW Patrol?" Balto responded, asking his question.

"Nope. Never heard of them," Boris answered. Balto sighed, and realized he was now on his own. Thinking about the article again, Balto decided to go read it; maybe it could give him more information. Balto read the article from the paper, but it didn't say much other than who the PAW Patrol was, and what they did. Suddenly, he read the words Adventure Bay and then went to go look for a map or globe. Eventually, Balto was able to find out where Adventure Bay was at. It was really far south of Nome. Too bad he couldn't meet the PAW Patrol. Then, he heard a voice.

"Mail delivery for Adventure Bay!" the mailman said as Duke the pilot loaded the bag onto his plane. Balto sneaked over behind the plane and jumped into the cargo compartment without anyone noticing him.

"Sorry about the mix up Duke. I don't know how that mail got to Nome," the mailman said.

"Don't worry about it. Stuff like that happens," Duke replied before he finished loading his plane. Once he was done, Duke started the plane and took off. He didn't know that someone else was flying with him too.

Soon, after what felt like hours, Duke and his plane finally arrived in Adventure Bay. Duke landed his plane and dropped off the mail and packages to the Adventure Bay mail office. While that happened, Balto poked his head out of the plane.

"This doesn't look like Nome," Balto said, noticing the lack of snow and cold weather. The town was definitely different, and soon, Balto saw a sign that read "Welcome to Adventure Bay".

"Well, it looks like I made it to Adventure Bay. Now I just need to get out of Duke's plane without being caught," Balto said to himself. Balto looked around quick to make sure that nobody was watching, then being as quiet as possible, he jumped out of the cargo compartment section of the plane.

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