Chapter 8: Finding and Returning

Meanwhile, after Snowflake sang her Christmas song, she stayed around to help clean up. Besides, it's not like she had anything important to do. As she helped out however, she saw Rubble and Marshall return to City Hall to also help clean up.

It took several hours to get everything put away, however, as she watched Marshall and Rubble, there were times where they were looking for something. She didn't know what they were looking for, but she could tell it must have been important.

Soon, as the cleanup was starting to stop, Snowflake saw Rubble and Marshall talk to people and ask them something. Now Snowflake knew something was wrong. But what? As the two pups passed her however, Snowflake got her answer.

"Ryder is going to be so mad at me. I let him down! I'm such a bad pup, and worst of all; I'll never see my teddy bear ever again!" Marshall said in a sad voice before he started to cry. Rubble put a paw on Marshall's shoulder as they continued walking. Snowflake just stared at them.

"That poor pup. I have to help him! Where could he have left his teddy bear?" Snowflake said to herself as she looked around. Suddenly, she remembered that the pups had been putting gifts into the bins. Maybe the teddy bear was in there. Without a moment to spare, Snowflake ran over to the bin that said 'toys' on it, and looked around. Then, she spotted it.

With it's stuffed arm still stuck in the ribbon, was Marshall's brown teddy bear. Snowflake smiled as she grabbed it, knowing that she had found the Dalmatian's missing toy. Now all she had to do was return it to him.

"Ah Snowflake, that toy goes to the people in need. Could you please put that back?" Mr. Porter said as he spotted Snowflake with the teddy bear.

"Mr. Porter, there's been a mistake! A Dalmatian was looking for his teddy bear, and I found it in the toys bin. I think he left it in there by accident!" Snowflake explained showing Mr. Porter where she had found the stuffed animal. Mr. Porter saw what Snowflake was talking about and quickly realized something.

"Oh my goodness! That's Marshall's teddy bear. He was looking for it. You'll need to go to The Lookout where the PAW Patrol is and give it back to him," Mr. Porter said.

"No problem, Mr. Porter. I was just about to do that. Which way is The Lookout?" Snowflake replied as Mr. Porter pointed her in the right direction.

"Thank you Mr. Porter," Snowflake said before grabbing the teddy bear with her teeth, and running away.

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