Chapter 4: Fun at the Festival

Soon, the Winter Festival began.

"Welcome one and all to Adventure Bay's first ever Winter Festival! We have games, food, and competitions to win prizes! I hope you all have a good time and please remember to have fun!" Mayor Goodway announced with her microphone. Everybody cheered after the speech.

It was then that everyone started to hang out and played games. However, as everyone had fun, they didn't notice Snowflake sneak out of Mr. Portor's truck, and hide behind the gift bins. She wanted to see what all the fun was about.

The pups first started out by playing games. There was Snowball Toss, Put the Carrot on the Snowman, Who's that Reindeer?, Guess that Christmas Tune, Snowball Race, and Pup Pup Boogie; Christmas Version. Everyone was having a blast!

As the party was going on, Snowflake couldn't resist seeing how much fun every human and pup was having. She wanted to join in too! But, she wasn't a member of Adventure Bay. Besides, it was rude to come to a party uninvited. On top of that, she didn't have anything to put in the gift bins. Or did she?

Snowflake looked at her collar and slowly pulled something out from under it; it was a soft, ice blue, fabric scarf with a white snowflake on it. She had gotten the scarf from the man who had adopted her. However, she also had a second scarf under the first one that someone else had given to her. The second scarf was just like the first one, but it had a Christmas tree on it instead of a snowflake, and it had red thread on it that read "Merry Christmas" in cursive too.

Snowflake sighed. She felt selfish keeping two scarfs to herself when there were pups who had never even wore a scarf. She decided to give away the second one. Snowflake wanted to donate the scarf, but didn't want to interrupt the party and grab everyone's attention. So, she decided to leave. Suddenly, she got blocked by a gray cat.

"Callie! What are you doing? - Oh! Is this your new friend, Callie?" Katie asked seeing Snowflake. Callie just looked at Katie in a confusion. She had never seen the husky anywhere.

"Mayor Goodway! Over here! Come see!" Katie called out towards the Mayor before she walked over. 'Ah man! This is not good! I'd better leave!' Snowflake thought to herself, but ended up remaining frozen where she was as the two humans walked over.

"Katie, what is it? Oh my goodness, you found a husky pup. I wonder what it's doing here?" Mayor Goodway said now looking at Snowflake. The husky pup just leaned back with her ears also pointed back, and a nervous look on her face. She had been caught.

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