Melony is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC character that is created and belongs to BluePupBuddy.

Bio: Melony is a female, husky pup with green eyes, and medium gray colored fur on back, the back of her tail and head, and from the top of her nose to the fur in between her eyes. The rest of her fur is white.

History: Melony was born in Snowflake's hometown along with her other siblings. As a pup, Melony was adopted and lives with a nice couple.

Personality: Melony is a kind, polite, but also sensation pup. She tends to take situations and stuff seriously, but also enjoys having fun. She is only slightly immature, but not childish like her brother Ned. Melony also doesn't like it when pups or people are being mean or pushy. Nevertheless, she is a good pup to be around.

Likes: Hanging out with her friends siblings, helping others, sunny days, playing with toys or friends, baths, swimming, Summer

Dislikes: pups being childish during serious situations - her brother Ned however is okay-, monsters, thunderstorms, spooky shadows, seeing her friends upset, pups or people being mean or pushy

Family History: Melony is Snowflake's sister, and has three siblings, including Snowflake. The names of her parents are unknown.

Melony is featured in the following stories:

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