Chapter 4: Rescue and A New Team Member

The Coockapoo pup and Chase stared at each other. With Chase completly lovestruck at the sight of her.

'Wow, she's so.... pretty' Chase thought to himself until he was able to get out of his trance.

"Oh um... Hehe.. I'm Chase," Chase said introducing himself.

"Nice to meet you Chase. My name's Skye," the Coockapoo replied. There was a moment of silence as the two pups stared at each other.

"So, Chase. Do you need help?" Skye asked, giggling.

"Yes please," Chase replied back. Skye then helped Chase get back up safely and help Chase out of his net.

"Great job Chase. Great job Skye," Ryder said kindly to the two pups.

"Thanks Ryder, and thank you Skye for saving me," Chase replied.

"You're welcome," Skye responded.

"Hey Skye. Since you don't mind high places, would you like to be our helicopter rescue pup?" Ryder asked Skye.

"Yes please! I'd like that so much!" Skye replied happily in shock. Ryder then kneeled down and gave Skye a collar with a pink pup tag on it. There were propellers on the pink tag too.

"Okay Skye. Here's your pup tag and collar, and your helicopter is waiting for you at The Lookout. You are now a member of the PAW Patrol. Congratulations!" Ryder replied after giving Skye her tag and collar.

"Oh thank you! Thank you Thank you so much!" Skye said before jumping into Ryder's arms and giving him licks of appreciation.

"You're welcome Skye," Ryder responded, hugging the new pup.

(End of Flashback story)

"And that is how Skye joined the PAW Patrol," Chase said, finishing his story.

"Wow. That's so cool. Well, I'm going to go play. See you later Chase," Rubble replied before running off.

"Yeah. If only she knew I have a crush on her. If only she knew," Chase said to himself before sighing.

"If only she knew..."

The End.

Author's note: There is a sequel to this story.

First chapter is here: Chase and Skye's Valentine: Chapter 1: Chase's Problem