Chapter 1: Hoot and Honk

*I only own the ideas for this story. PAW Patrol characters, places, ect. belong to Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, and SpinMasters. PAW Patrol All Rights Reserved.*

It was a nice day in Adventure Bay. The pups were playing in the yard, while Ryder was inside The Lookout. He was looking through the binoculars, and saw a flock of geese coming. Ryder then ran outside, and out to the pups.

"Pups! Look!" Ryder exclaimed as he pointed to the geese. The pups looked up and saw the geese as they were flying over them. Soon the geese landed, and Marshall gasped after seeing a little goose that he recognized.

"Fuzzy!" Marshall cried out as he ran over to his little goose friend. Fuzzy chirped as Marshall greeted him. The other pups joined the Dalmatian pup, and soon, everyone watched as the geese hung out, ate food, and relaxed. Soon, the pups went back to playing with each other, while Marshall hung out with Fuzzy. While the pups were hanging out however, Chase felt like he was forgetting something. He looked over at Marshall and Fuzzy as the pup tried to remember what he had forgotten. Then he remembered.

"Oh my gosh!" Chase exclaimed in realization. Everyone looked at Chase, wondering what had just happened. Ryder walked up to him.

"Chase, what's wrong?" Ryder asked, wondering if something was upsetting the pup.

"Ryder, today is the day we rescued Little Hootie! I was suppose to meet him in the forest so we could spend the day together! I'm late!" Chase explained quickly. Everyone gasped. They had totally forgot about Chase and Little Hootie planning to spend the day together as friends.

"Chase! You better go!" Ryder suggested.

"You got it Ryder! I'm sorry everyone! Chase is on the case!" Chase said before running to his pup house. The pup house transformed into Chase's police truck, Chase jumped in, and drove off. Soon, after several minutes of driving, Chase arrived where Little Hootie lived.